loop xml reader with variable failed

Hi, I have a problem with the workflow attached. I have to read several xml files, sometime one o more file don’t exist, the node failed e the loop ends. I would like to ingore those files, ma I don’t know how to do. I think thant i have to use try and catch, but i need an help. Someone can fix my project? thank a lot and sorry for my english :slight_smile:loop_xml_failed.zip (12.6 KB)

Hi there @nbindini,

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If I got you right that means your XML Reader reports error on configuration and that can not be caught with Try/Catch sequence. Check this topic how to deal with it.


Hi, thank a lot for the help. I’m sorry but i didn’t solve. I don’t know why, but URL to file path node file ever fails, I post the screenshot of the project.
I try to enter in the loop with adress files writing in different ways but i have ever the same result.

thank a lot.

Hi @nbindini,

so you are reading from URLs. Wasn’t aware of that one. Then it makes things a bit easier but you need to be careful about URL format otherwise XML Reader will think of it as a local file and fail during configuration which isn’t caught by Try/Catch sequence.

Here is workflow on KNIME Hub which you can download and modify according to your needs.

Hope this helps!


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you solved my problem,
thank you very much Ivan!


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