Looping and Function in Column Expression

Hi there, here’s a problem that I encountered while dealing with the Column Expression Node.

I want to test if the words in the list exist in the sentence in the “Text” Column. Thus I created a function called checkMod()

However, it seems not to work;(

Can anyone help me with this? Thank you very much. I have been struggling with this for quite some time;(

Hi @zfuak , in cases like this it would help to paste the code from your function, and ideally upload your sample data and the node as a workflow so that we can see what is happening for ourselves.

As your Column Expression is returning a value for the first row, and not for subsequent rows, I suspect it is also returning an error on the second row onwards. Is there a yellow warning triangle on the node, and if you hover the mouse of the node does it show an error?

I couldn’t be doing with retyping your entire function so I produced a very simple mock-up, which is what you can do in these situations.


This also fails. Probably for the same reason as yours. It returns an error telling me that variable “a” already exists.

This works:

Try removing the word “let”.


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