Looping per row with different from --> to values

Hi everybody,

i am trying to create a loop that takes in the from and to values from each row of a table to loop this amount of times. The current loop value should be multiplied by the revenue value.

Example: For ID WW380 the Loop should go from 1 to 5, for WW326 from 3 to 10 etc.

ID from to Revenue
WW380 1 5 8518
WW326 3 10 10518
WW270 6 15 3518
WW48X 8 20 6518
WW384 3 30 3518

Is something like this possible with the Loops in KNIME?

I attached a sample Excel:
Example (1).xlsx (11.8 KB)

Hi @TimoW,

Let me know if it was what you were looking for:
KNIME_project15.knwf (17.3 KB)



Hi @mehrdad_bgh

sorry for the late response. Thank you so much this is exactly what i was looking for!

I hope you have a nice week and thanks again!

Best regards


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