Looping process with multiple combination sets in one database


I have database with 10 collumns, the database have 14.152 combination sets.
The datasets will be processed for each combination separately.

So… Here, I would like to separate each combination into a table and will be used for forecasting process.

Is there any idea to separate each combination while run in looping to all combinations?

Combination 1: Dealer 190 & Color JM1/HS will be processed with python
Combination 2: Dealer 190 & Color LV0/BK will be processed with python
Combination 3: Dealer 190 & Color LV0/RD will be processed with python

The process for all combination is the same, but I have to looping the process for each combination.
Is there anyway to process the data by →
firstly, separate the database based on the combination rule,
second, process the data with python code
third, (continue to next combination in looping mode)
finally, get the python result for each combinations and write in on excel format

Any suggestion/ idea will be apprecaited. Thankyou in advance.

Victor Chiarouven

Hi @VictorChia and welcome to the forum.

I think what you need here is the Group Loop Start node, followed by whatever Python processing you want to do for each combination of features, then a Loop End to gather the results. Afterward you can use an Excel Writer to finish up.

Give it a try and come back if you run into issues or have questions. :slight_smile:

Hi Mr. Scott,

Thanks for your advice, I’ll give it a try and will post the result later.


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