Looping with Columns which contain filter criteria

I have a table (node 30) containing filter criteria. Each column is one set of criteria. Know I want to filter another table with the reference row filter. This works if I select the columns in the reference row filter. I try to Loop this workflow with the Column List loop Start node. But it fails. I want to filter with every column and put the results in one table.

Any suggestions?
Best regard

Hi @wbart

do I get that right, that you want to filter your data sequentially? So if your lookup table looks something like this:
you would first include all rows from your actual data table that are either a OR b in column 1. Then in a second step either 1 OR 2 in column 1, etc… ? Or do you want to filter for rows that are a in column 1 AND 1 in column 2?


Independent of that, maybe the Row Filter (Labs) node (used with flow variables) might do the job for you. You can check how it works in this example workflow: https://hub.knime.com/knime/spaces/Examples/latest/02_ETL_Data_Manipulation/01_Filtering/04_Advanced_Row_Filters

This would be a good node. Thank you. I will try it.

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