Looping with Salesforce Simple Query

I have created a workflow that allows me to extract all the fields from a Salesforce object with the Object name, Label, API name, Data type (e.g. picklist), Column Type (e.g. string) and URL.

This workflow requires the use of both the Salesforce Simple Query as well as the Salesforce SOQL.

Unfortunately, when trying to pass a variable through the Salesforce Simple Query to select a particular object, it fails as you must also select which fields you want.

Can anyone help in proposing a solution.

Here is the code for the SOQL:

SELECT EntityDefinition.QualifiedApiName,QualifiedApiName, Label, DataType
FROM FieldDefinition
WHERE EntityDefinition.QualifiedApiName = ‘Account’

I believe the Column Type isn’t available as a definition hence why I have to use the SOQL to ingest some data first.

When I have tried to use FIELDS(ALL), I am getting the warning message: The SOQL FIELDS function is not supported in this version of the API, hence why I am using the Simply Query node.

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