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I would like to go through the code column and automatically separate into different tables. For example, I would like to get a table with data from Code “A”, then another separate table with data from Code “B” and so on until I have a separate table for each code from the code column. I have attached the excel data here.

Hi @pio,

what do you intend to do with those tables? If you intend to process them and then either to store or to append them together, then you can use Group Loop Start (followed by Loop End eventually).

Thanks Lisovyi. I am gathering each data table for further modeling on each dataset

Each Group Loop gives a code. How do I loop to extract each table from it

Hi @pio,

you are right, on each iteration it outputs the group identifier as a flow variable. But as the data output it generates the slice of the original table that corresponds to the entries that belong to that particular class. See this nice example of Group Loop usage. If you see the loop start node output,you see the output as marked 1. in the screenshot

This corresponds to the group identifier 9 as is highlighted with 2.. Then you can write those tables on disk or run modelling inside the loop.

Is that what you were looking for?



So I can loop and model it inside the loop and that will be iterative for each code. This is what I got from your explanation. Am i right?

Hi @pio,

yes, you got it right.

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Thanks Lisovyi for your help

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