lost pointing file in a shared folder


I have a problem.

I have create a workflow . In this workflow there is, for example, an excel reader that reads the file in a shared folder.
I export the workflow and when my colleague import file in your workspace, he needs to set again the poining to the folder.

Could someone help me please?

Thanks a lot,


Hello @Ilaria_capone,

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Hopefully you can share more info like what KNIME version are you using? What type of paths are you using in your nodes? Does he receives error or nodes are not configured? Which node(s) need to be configured again?


Hello Ivan,
my knime analytic platform version is 4.3.0

I attach an abstract of workflow . If you notice on excel reader node there is an “x”. The system return the following sentence: the specify file at v:\… does not exists" instead the file is in the folder correctly.

Maybe, when I export the file I must deflag the option “reset the workflow before the export”.

I tested to export a little workflow deflagging the option and it works well. The same strategy doesn’t work with my big workflow.

Thanks for your time


Hi @Ilaria_capone,

what kind of shared folder is this? If the exact same path that you have entered does not exist on your colleague’s computer, the file cannot be found. Does your colleague enter the exact same path and then it works? Or is he/she perhaps entering a slightlty different path?

In general, an easy way to share a file together with a workflow is putting the file into the workflow itself. You can use the ‘Relative to workflow data area’ option with version 4.3, see https://docs.knime.com/2020-12/analytics_platform_file_handling_guide/index.html#relative-to.



Hello @SimonS,
my colleague and I are entering the exact same path. The shared folder is a shared network folder

Thanks for your suggest. I will read the guide indicated and let you know

Have a nice day


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That sounds weird. Could you share a screenshot of the node dialog, so that I can see the exact settings, and the KNIME log (the part of the log where the error is thrown is enough)? You find the KNIME log at View -> Open KNIME Log. The latest errors appear at the bottom of the log.


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