Low performance of copy operations to samba share

Dear all,

we have a central file server that handles samba copy operations over gbit lan at nearly 100% speed. With the Knime node, I only get 2.5% though (Win 10). Is there any way to optimize that performance other than doing multiple copy jobs in parallel?



What node(s) are you using? Networks shares are terribly slow when reading/writing small files or small chunks of data.

It's the Copy/Move Files node on 500mb files. In contrast, Image Reader (Table) works fine with ~60% network usage.

How large is each of your files? 500MB in total or each? And how many files in total?

Hi Thor,

Sorry for not being more precise in the first place. A typical set of files is 10 small files (< 1mb) and 2 big files (500mb+) and I have around 1000 sets of those.

I know there is a significant overhead per new file, so I'm only measuring transfer speed of the 500mb files.




OK, we will have a look at it.

Thanks Thor!