LSTM Deep Learning model


I’m trying to convert a simple LSTM model from Jupyter Notebook to Knime. Unfortunately I’m not able to get the same ouput from Knime model.

Most probably I’m doing a silly mistake, in this semse I’m sharing bellow the screenshots of both the models.
Thanks in advance to the ones who will help me with that !

Jupyter Model

Knime DL Python Network Creator

Knime Keras Network Learner

Knime Keras Network Executer

Knime Keras Network Executer Output

Simão Ribeiro

Hi @S1ma08
That’s weird indeed. I can’t see at first glance what is wrong there.
Which performance do you get for that in Python/Jupyter?


Hi @S1ma08,
I can see that the learning rate is set to 1.0005 in KNIME. I guess I wanted to set it to 0.0005.

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Did you check this KNIME and Jupyter | KNIME


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