Mac Lion

New Mac Lion (OSX 10.7.3) - can't find an earlier jdk than 1.6.0_29, which does indeed seem to freeze the Mac at odd times.

Anyone have a url (or the jdk itself) for an earlier version that works, such as 1.6.0_26 or so ? Apple does not seem to help. It offers a download of the earlier jdk but not for Lion; it refuses to install the package.

oracle does not ppear to have mac binaries at all (muct be looking at the wrong page?)

Help is needed ASAP...

You are right. So far Apple is providing Java for Mac and it is not available from Oracle. But this will change in the future with Apple switching to OpenJDK. Unfortunately Apple offers just the latest JDK version and removes previous ones. I'll contact you for a solution...

Good news! We have fixed this problem with KNIME 2.5.4 (