Mac OS Notification Centre node - where is it installed?

It has been installed (it appears on the list of already installed extension) yet no amount of search of the nodes helps me find it. I have tried searching for “Mac OS” and “notification” and still nothing. Any idea where it is hiding? I have checked the ‘Community contributions’ category thoroughly.

Hi @alkopop79,

Sorry for the late response. Please check under Help → Installation Details → Installed Software if the notifier plugin is properly installed. You should find an entry macOS Notification Center notifier there:

If it is missing, please install it from the following update site: In case it appears, please check your node repository for the Notifier node. As you can see in the next screenshot, it should show up at the main category:


Does this help you? If not, there seems to be a bigger problem with your installation. Did you already successfully installed other plugins?

Best regards,