Mac OS update/Indigo failures


I updated my Mac to Mountain Lion and after a Java install/update Knime is working fine except that the Indigo nodes aren't loading. Any existing workflow that uses Indigo nodes has lot's of errors during the loading and missing connections where Indigo nodes used to be. Hopefully there's a quick solution to this, as I'm kind of stuck withouth these nodes.



Hi Natasja,

Sorry that you have been stuck without our nodes for one-two days. The solution was quick, and hope it will work on your machine. Could you try the latest version from the nightly builds:

If it is ok, than we will update stable builds too.

Best regards,

Hi Mikhail,

Thank you for the quick reply and looking into this. In the meantime I also upgraded to the 2.6 version of Knime and don't have the problem with the Indigo nodes anymore. Unfortunately I thus can't really confirm whether the updated Indigo nodes also fix the bug on Mountain Lion for the 2.5 version, but hopefully the solution is the same for both Knime version.

Thanks again,