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I have compiled 2 sets of 800 rows including the best men’s performances over 100 meters.
1 set include 800 performances with final time taking in account altidude and the wind speed = Mureika Time.
2 set include 800 performances without Mureika time.
What i would like to do
1/ Predict Mureika time for the second set.
2/ Predict the Mureika time and the result of an imaginary race taking place at Oslo (Altitude 100m , including 6 runners before 2022 and 2 runners in 2023 taking in account one performance. (Set 3
8 STARTERS.xlsx (8.9 KB)
800 PERF 100M MEN TIME NO CHANGE.xlsx (54.1 KB)
800 PERF 100M MEN.xlsx (60.2 KB)
Tell me which model with the best accuracy will you use ?
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Thanks for your help.

I would try various models KNIME provides. (KNIME makes this really easy as the syntax is more or less the same each time) There is no way (to my knowledge) to know which model works best for your specific problem. In general ensemble models have better performance then classic ml models.
If you like you could try out the AutoML component as well

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AutoML Configuration
I try to understand how to configure the target column with AutoML
My Targer column is TIME MUREIKA
Variable are : Time ; Wind Speed ; Altitude
Can anyone can tell me why it is not possible to apply TIME MUREIKA as Predict column ?
Many thanks
100 MEN ALL BEST TIME SIM.xlsx (112.1 KB)
KNIME_project4.knwf (2.0 MB)
Many Thanks

The target column needs to be a string datatype.Specify it inside excel reader as string and you can use it as target

I convert in String but i can not apply …

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