MacOS CWD for KNIME Analytics Platform

Hi Team,

When I start KNIME Analytics Platform on a MacOSX, and when I try to write a file with relative path using ‘Table Writer’ node, say I just give the filename without any path in ‘Table Writer’, the file is getting written to ‘/Applications/KNIME\’. I expect it to write to some user friendly location like home dir or Documents.

Could you please comment on this default CWD path on MacOS?


Would it be possible to use a workflow relative path with the knime:// protocol?

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I can use knime:// or even an absolute path and things will work. But my issue here is, what if I just enter a filename without any path in the Table Writer node. The file is written deep into the installation directory which is weird. I expect it to write in some meaningful directory instead of ‘/Applications/KNIME\’.

well this is the ‘default’ place since it is where the executable file rests. Not sure why this would be an issue.

What if its a shared installation and we dont have permission to write within this installation folder?

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