MacOS download

hi all

I am trying to download the new version for macos for arm64 (Apple silicon) but the download doesnt start

in comparison the one for x86_64 (Intel) works fine. I need the apple silicon one.

Can someone in the team check if it is a download page problem or a me-problem?


Hi @ana_vedoveli !! :wave:

I just checked and I think it must be on your side (or at least, there was some sort of temporary glitch when you tried before).

I was able to download the arm64 just now without issue.

Hi @ScottF :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking. But I really don’t think the problem is on my side. Every single other download link works for this current version, and it also works when I try to download the files from previous versions. So I can definitely download the files in general — it is just this one link that seems to not work.

Just to be clear on the process I did: I used chrome. I completely skip the download form on the first page and only accept the terms and conditions. After that when I try to download that one specific file the download doesn’t start but I see a pardot url loading in the background and I get redirected to a thank you page. Same process for the other links, but the download start without a problem.

I am happy to think this could be a me problem, but why it works for every single file but the one I want is really puzzling (and annoying :frowning: )

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Interesting - and weird! Let me ping someone on our end to investigate then.

Hey Scott

All good – I am going ahead with an older version. If someone else struggles with it than it is worth for you guys to have a look at it but for now I can go with good old knime 4.x :slight_smile:

Thanks Ana. I asked one of the guys on the web team to have a look, but we haven’t been able to reproduce yet. Sorry for the trouble!

I had a glitch this morning with the same issue but on several installers. @ana_vedoveli do you still experience it?


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