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Hello, I have problems sending emails from a loop, when it reads the matrix and does not find information, it is not able to send the email when it depends on the end loop node

@Zfercho2017 - I typically use table row to variable loop start and a variable loop end. You just connect the flow variable ports of the mail nodes to the end variable loop node to close the loop.

I also always use a test for viability and an IF Switch to route it through 8 different email nodes with different configurations to avoid errors caused by missing values for different settings (such as attachment, cc, bcc, etc).

Hello, I already have the connection, but when it reads the table and does not find information, it throws an error and does not send the email due to lack of data, but it is not able to continue reading the information.


That is a “Loop End” node. Try a Variable Loop Start and a Variable Loop End. I will upload one shortly that I built for email distribution once I clear out all of the email addresses and passwords.


Generic Email 365.knwf (48.3 KB)

Here is my basic email approach. This one is setup for Outlook 365, so if that is what you are using then you will only need to open the email nodes and enter your username / password and the from field on each node. Then you will need to put in your real email addresses and attachment addresses in the Table Creator to setup a test.

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Thank you very much, I will try it

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