Making more than one node by a single package


I am creating two nodes in one package. I have made all the code but when I create the plugin to add it in my current Knime installation, it is showing me only one node. 

I need to make two nodes in a single package and can't make them in different packages because they are using methods of each other classes.

Quick response will be appreciated.




Having multiple nodes in one Java package is perfectly fine. Have you wired up everything in the plugin.xml correctly?

Thank you for your response. Could you guide me about how to wire up these nodes in plugin.xml??

For a different solution to this problem I tried to create these nodes in different packages so that I can get two nodes plugin. But as i have said earlier that these nodes are using methods of each other classes, so when I tried to create the plugin I was getting circular dependency error and eclips is not creating the plugin because of it.

If any one knows about how to deal with this cyclic dependency error please give your input.


See, second paragraph.