Making space in workflow between existing nodes


I would like to use in KNIME a function that I’ve found on another software called ARIS.

In case you need to insert a node in an existing workflow, you need to make space for it: by using this function, you can move blocks without having to select them, so that the needed space is made. It works both horizontally and vertically; you can also use it to delete empty space (ie horizontal or vertical space not containing nodes or notes).

How? You select the function (say it’s the horizontal one), click where you want to make space, drag right until enough space it’s made and release. All nodes on the right of the selected point are moved to the right by the defined lenght.

Here’s a video to show how it works (if not clear, I make a small recording for you).

Call it a stupid suggestion but selecting lots of nodes to move them around is not efficient and this solution is quick and simple.

Thank you and have a nice day,