Management Services for KNIME Analytics Platform: Customizations


I was looking to implement some customisation features on the KNIME Analytics Platform referenced
The documentation was fairly vague in regards to accessing the epf file. How do I access the .epf files? I understand that it is associated with the server-side of KNIME. Would I have to RDP into the KNIME server to access it?
Specifically, how would I implement the following features:

  • Welcome page (Logo, Links, Support Email address)
  • Update sites
  • Preference profiles (Database drivers, proxy settings, Python/R settings, etc.)

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi @thisgirlsara

Welcome to the KNIME Forum!

Let’s go to your questions:

  • welcome page: what KNIME Server version are you using? Since KNIME Analytics Platform version 4.0, it is not possible to customize the Welcome Page.
  • update sites: to customize update sides using your preference file add the argument /instance/com.knime.customizations/updateSite.uri= (to add the address of the update site) and the argument /instance/com.knime.customizations/<name, e.g. Custom Update Site> (to provide a name for it) in the default.epf found in <server_repo>\workflow_repository\config\client-profiles\default.epf. Here you can find them how to set up in the client to request for Server profiles.

About your third topic: could you explain to me a little bit more what is unclear on the documentation? For many of these configurations, you can start your KNIME Analytics Platform, configure Python/R (for instance) or your Databases, export these preferences, copy them and paste them in the client-side epf, adjusting the paths accordingly. This is described in more details here (even more detailed description for how to deal with Databases can be found here).

In the folder <knime_server_repo>\workflow_repository\config\client-profiles.template you can find an example to get inspired.

Please let me know if it was helpful or you have any other questions



Thank you @ana_ved for your response,
I will most likely follow up again,

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