Managing Excel, KNIME and Python together for business professionals

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I am using KNIME and Python for conducting adhoc analysis for my business requirements. I learnt Python on the sides and probably need to use it only a couple of times in a year. With the launch of Github Co-Pilot, I found coding the steps in VS Code using Python became quite easy and less time-consuming. Utilizing Python scripts through VBA also makes it extremely convenient.

However, I tend to struggle while writing Python scripts within KNIME platform (as some operations tend to be more easily explained and coded in Python in comparison to KNIME AP) in absence of the very intuitive Github Co-Pilot. There are times when I feel midway through a KNIME workflow that a Python script might be relatively easy and similarly, in the middle of a Python script, observe the ease with which certain transformations could be executed in KNIME AP.

I am primarily a business person and hence, have analysts to help me when needed. However, it is always helpful to be able to quickly do things on-the-fly. As a result, I decide to invest time in learning Python and Knime but, albeit as a side tool with limited on-job exposure.

I still see KNIME as immensely helpful but, would be great to know from the community, if people have found a way to work with these 3 tech tools without feeling a bit overwhelmed by the need to constantly change platforms. Or maybe, I need to spend time doing more learning :slight_smile:

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Hi @nilotpalc,

Thank you for telling us about your successes and struggles with KNIME and Python. It is good to hear that the efforts we have been putting into KNIME Analytics Platform 5.2 are going in the right direction.

In the next KNIME version, which will be released early December, we have overhauled to Python Scripting editor to the modern UI. And while doing so, we have added an integration with ChatGPT for coding assistance. So we won’t offer GitHub Copilot, but a prompt where you can describe which changes you want the AI to make to your Python code.

Sounds promising? Stay tuned :wink:



Hi @carstenhaubold ,
I was just trying to spend some time on the new 5.2 version.

The new KNIME AI Python interface is truly a valuable resource for business professionals, especially those with limited Python coding skills. This interface is particularly beneficial for infrequent users like myself, as it allows us to utilize the python scripting nodes to explore and learn the fundamental aspects of Python. By doing so, we can improve our ability to efficiently achieve the desired data outcomes for informed decision-making.

Thanks to the KNIME team for a wonderful addition to the Knime Analytics Platform.

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