Manifesting my gratitude to Knime Community

Hi everyone,


Before posting more questions, I would like to manifest my gratitude yes to Knime Community, who is providing valuable answers, tips, advices which are improving my knowledge so fast.


In this moment I am developing a PhD dissertation and Knime’s workflows are improving a lot the analytical possibilities and forthcoming achievements of the study.


As soon as my understanding of Knime get sharper, I hope to be able to contribute posting answers to questions of others as well.


Thank you very much,



Carlos Eduardo Guerra Silva

PhD Candidate at Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Visiting PhD Student at Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Hi Cadu, 


Wellcome to the club!  We do have a great community here and are happy to have another enthusiastic member! 


We'll look forward to seeing you around more in the forums. 


Best Regards,


Aaron Hart