Manipulation nodes and change logs

Dear Krimers, maybe someone has already suggested, but still - it would be, I think, very useful if some knime nodes for data manipulation such as, for example, String Manipulation, Rule Engine, Math Formula, Column Expression etc. would have these option to display result of performed/unperformed changes or in other words: quantifiers (or maybe better: node logs?) - this would be extremely useful in those cases when we expect a certain number of changes in advance, but also otherwise, in some other required situations. If I can add kind of solution: new tab in node properties? (even better: expose this results of node execution to flow variables?).

Hi @ssimara I believe this idea has come up a few times, I’ll see if I can’t find the ticket for it. Have you seen the Table Difference Finder node? This lets you compare two tables and check what has changed. Maybe it will help in your use case.


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hi Wali, thank you for your answer - table diff finder is nice node which tell us how many rows were affected by value changes but it still does not tell us how many changes is done on cell level, for example, if you have some regex function in String Manipulation node that changes values on cell lavel like twice or more.

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