Manual "Category to Number" Mapping

Just discovered KNIME, and I love it so far. However, I ran the “Category to Number” feature on one of my transformed test datasets and it ended up mapping the “successful” entries to 0 and “failed” to 1.

Is there a way to manually adjust these mappings? So far I can’t find a straightforward way to do it. I tried using the RuleSet Editor and feeding the PMML model into the “Apply” version of the node, but that didn’t do anything.


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Hi @poitryu
You can do this manually using the “Rule Engine”. See attached workflow.
category to number.knwf (6.4 KB)


Awesome! Thank you so much. So my attemp with the PMML RuleSet editor wasn’t too far off I suppose… now I’ll just have to find a way to consolidate in my head why simple one-hot or label encoding can be done with “Column Manipulations”, whereas this approach is a “Row Manipulation”. Small difference, maybe.

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