Manually copying workflow folders in Windows 10

Trying to copy/move some (but not all) workflows outside of Knime seems to generate subfolders that have infinate recursive depth. The copied / moved workflows are then broken and cannot be used in Knime - and further more, seem also to become undeletable.

Whilst this is a windows problem - Windows filemanager tools appear to be unaware of virtual directory links/junctions... it would be nice to have a "workflow folder repair tool".

Seems the only quick and safe way to copy/move workflows in windows is to use 7zip to compress them first. BTW, the Knime "import workflow" tool seem excessively slow?




in knime, you can also copy&paste workflows, pretty fast and ensures a proper directory copy...

KNIME doesn't use any symbolic or hard links or any other fancy file system stuff. It's all plain directories and files. If copying a workflow outside KNIME breaks it then something is wrong with the application that created the copy. It's perfectly legal to copy workflows and groups outside KNIME. You only need a refresh of the workspace afterwards.

OK, I thought this might be a link/junction related issue, but maybe Knime is creating *actual* deep folder structures.

I've noticed that it occurs in workflows that have Loop End Column Append, and it is generating very long paths such as:

     \WorkSpaceName\WorkFlowName\Loop End _Column Append_ (#32)\port_1\reference_0\reference_0\reference_0\reference_0\reference_0......

repeated hundreds of times.

Attempting to delete/move/copy with windows filemanager gives a "source path too long" error.

PS: deleting via 7-zip filemanager does seem to work without error.



Yes, long file names may cause problems under Windows. Although the file NTFS system supports them, the Windows Explorer doesn't (God knows why...) and will indeed destroy the workflow.

So would this lead to conclude that it'd be safer to copy workflows within KNIME itself ? or would this still cause trouble under Windows ?

You can use Long Path Tool to solve the problem of copying files and folder wich has long path error and it also solve the problem of filename or extension too long. It is very useful to solve such type of problem.