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Hi all

I would like to have some people manually score images. It would be ideal if they could simply add a column to the table that contains the images, and enter the values right beside the image. Attached is a screen shot of how the table looks. This will speed the process up and help reduce errors as opposed to looking at the images in Imagej or other viewer, and then entering the values in a table. I googled around a bit but couldn’t figure out how to do this. I saw table creator but that seems to only allow you to create a new table, I need to create a new column, and edit it while looking at the image in the adjacent column.

I also tried to export the table as an Excel file, thinking that maybe Excel could read in images. Is this possible?? When I exported the table from KNIME, it only exported the meta data string.

Hi @bnorthan,
I recently build a workflow where such an annotation is done using the **Table Editor (Java Script) ** node, take a look at this forum post for the workflow download and problem description:


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