Manually select rows, label or make edits


I have a long knime workflow to format data and detect errors. At the end, the data is reduced to about 50 rows that I go through manually to split into separate tables and possibly label and add notes.

  • To split data manually, I hilite and then use the hilite row splitter. Is there a better way to do this? I worry that changing something in the workflow upstream will make me lose all my manual selections.

  • I couldn’t figure out a way to add notes or make edits. I closest is the table creator which has no input port, so I have to copy to it from the original table.

Any hints, suggestions, or ways to manually label, color, edit, split,…etc would greatly help. I’m trying to avoid excel for the last few manual steps in my analysis.

I have used the Table Editor node to manually curate data. You can edit individual cells to correct data (spelling for example), and if you add an extra empty column then you can use that to manually categorize a row for later downstream processing, such as “pass”, “fail”, “needs lookup”. Or even a column with manual “notes”.

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Thank you! I somehow completely missed this node.

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