Map Viewer node not working

I can’t seem to see the background map anymore on the Map Viewer node. The background is just grey with clock icons.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the ‘OSM Map to Image’ node in one of my workflows also stopped working recently until I manually selected “Wikimedia Map” as the tile source.

Has something changed at the OSM end that has not been reflected in the Map Viewer node?

I know the Map Viewer is made somewhat redundant by the OSM Map View node, but I still often prefer the simplicity of the Map Viewer and its ability to render labels.



I just gave this a try, and indeed the OSM and the MapQuest tiles are not working. The “Apple” tiles still work fine. (you can switch in the window-internal menu bar “Tile Provider”)

I’ll look into it once I have some spare time.

– Philipp

FYI: This is fixed in Palladian 2.0 for KNIME. See here for more details:

Every bit of that sounds absolutely awesome. Thank you!

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