Mapping of numbers to a certain string

Hi there,

I have a table with a column which classifies each row by a string. In a second table I have a mapping of string bands to a super classifier. I need the super classifier in the first table.

Example:. First table contains strings like abc1234de, abc3456ef, abc1245gh

The second table with the super classifier looks like this:
abc12* is mapped to super class A
abc34?6* is mapped to super class B

The super class table uses asterisks ? for one char and * for more characters.

What do you think, is this task feasible in knime? To be honest I haven’t got any solution Idea at all…


I think you can do it with a Recursive Loop node and a String Replacer node with Wildcard pattern. I attached the example workflow below. Hope this helps!

mappingExample.knwf (31.4 KB)

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It’s very slow (I have around 1000 patterns to try) but it works. Thanks for sharing.

Try to use Rule Engine (Dictionary) node instead of loop. The first column in a dictionary have to have $class$ LIKE “wildcard string to compare”.

Hm, do you mean, I have to state in the wildcard column ’ $class$ LIKE “wildcard” ’ which means that I have to expand the wildcard column with ’ $class$ LIKE ’ and set the wildcard in quotes?

Yes. It is easy with String Manipulation node.

Wow, this did the trick. It’s much more easy and very fast. Thanks for sharing.