Marketing Community Use Cases

Calling all users in Marketing or those who support Marketing Analytics and modeling. Who would like to have a Community group just for Marketing use cases? I think there are enough of us that it makes sense.

If you would are interested, reply to this thread (so we have a way to invite you when the Group is created) with use cases you are most invested in learning about or developing. Please include a few points to help us understand the use case… Feel free to add to the spreadsheet if it doesn’t already exist under the Uncategorized section.

This Share Sheet is a Summary of Marketing use cases.


+1 :smile: would be great to connect with some analysts in this field. Thanks @DemandEngineer

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I would love to be part of thus community. Please count on me! Rocio. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, @Rocio. Invite your marketing colleagues. Let’s try to get this to critical mass.

Most marketers have very simplistic campaign attribution models. Have been thinking about this for sometime and none of the typical marketing platforms seem to do this for B2B. I was surprised to see this video from 2018 that explains what I wished for…

How can we do Hidden Markov Modelling or Survival Modelling for attribution in Knime. I think Hidden Markov Modelling is better suited for B2B Attribution.

Looks like Hidden Markov and Survival models can’t be done natively on Knime.

Feature Request: Learners and scorers for Hidden Markov and Survival models.

Does anyone know of alternate models that can be used for Campaign attribution that Knime does support natively in nodes?

Has anyone tried implementing hmmlearn · PyPI to do attribution? would love some tips/tricks.

I know there are a lot more Marketing users out there that are represented here. Invite your colleagues to comment on this thread (with a use case or just a comment they would join) so we can create a community group for Marketers.

There is a lot of focus on the pure data scientist and if we (citizen data scientist) don’t band together we are unlikely to see much development that improves ease of use for us.


As many of us work from home. Has that changed the projects that get prioritized? I have worked at companies where distributed teams was the norm… even if we weren’t working from home we didn’t work in the same office or city… But also worked at companies where the teams were very much centralized. Wondering if the pandemic environment enabled more data projects.

Has the looming demise of 3rd party cookies driven any data project in your marketing teams?