Master/Detail report in BIRT

Hello everyone,

I currently use the free version of KNIME.

Everything is fine except one thing.

I just want to create a master/detail report as i can do it on MS Access report (for example).

If i read BIRT documentation, it explains how to do that with a specific parameter. This parameter need to be created into the DATASET itself and must be combine with a specific SQL Query inside the dataset too.

But this way of doing seems not working with BIRT for KNIME because only "KNIME Data Set" is allowed as a datasource and i cannot update the current KNIME datasource for inserting such a SQL QUERY.

If you have any idea for creating a simple master / detail report, anyway, i would appreciate.






In your case, the easiest solution is probably to prepare all the data in KNIME before sending it to BIRT, including the results of the SQL query.



Roland, thanks for your answer.

Is this a limitaion of the free Knime version ?

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