Master Page does not appear for workflows created with KNIME 4.0



When I create a new workflow in KNIME 4.0 and switch to BIRT, selecting the “Master Page” tab does not show the Master Page. All I can see is a gray void of space in the editor panel:

And the property editor does not switch to the selected tab automatically.


P.S. This problem does not occur for workflows I have created with previous versions of KNIME even if I have not created any reports. When I add a Data to Report node to an existing workflow which is created by the previous versions of KNIME, there are no such problems in BIRT.


Birt dont work in knime 4.0
Report Designer 'Master Page' is missing

Hi @armingrudd -

Good catch! I can reproduce this on my laptop too. I’ll file a ticket ASAP and we’ll see if we can figure out what’s going on. Thanks for reporting it.

(I will say that for whatever reason, this bug seems to affect all of my workflows with reports, regardless of when they were created.)



But I don’t have this error in my previous workflows (with or without report).

Thank you!


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Have same problem as armingrudd. Any news on a solution? Master pages of workflows prior to 4.0 works fine, but new workflows’ master pages remain grey.

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Hi there @Thinus,

Welcome to KNIME Forum! Fix should be included in the next bug fix release.


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Hi @Thinus -

As @ipazin mentioned, this fix is coming soon. In fact, it should be working correctly in the latest nightly build, if you want to try that out. (Usual caveats about using nightly builds for production purposes apply!)