Master table turnaround

Need to stack up multiple tables from same excel sheet (in image only two) & transpose top from to column. Please appreciate anyone’s input :slight_smile:

Hi @svevafsemi ,

With Excel reader node, you can reall all table and can select positions too as “A2:C3”…

If you have some tables at the same spread, you can use more then one reader node to join it with concatenate node and make some decisions and manipulation as you need.


I hope that it helps you.

BR, Denis

Hi Denisfi
Thanks a lot for your response. I liked the idea of the concatenate but if my understanding is correct, it would be a bit messy with over 60 table to concatenate. I would also need to have the date column which comes from the first row. Would you have any idea? :slight_smile:

You can try to use the transpose node or pivot node to change the position from cols to rows format.

BR, Denis

Hello @svevafsemi,

from experience ideas, suggestions and solutions come faster if you share dummy input file together with expected output and logic behind it if not obvious. This way we don’t have to guess your exact data structure nor input data manually :wink:



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