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Hi everyone!.

I recently moved from Alteryx to KNIME, I already read some articles and tutorials, still coulnd’t find a module to check a cell value and compare it to a column name. I think this is necesay in order to achieve a project.

The scenario is as follows:
I have an excel file, that wotks as a template:

Then and Excel file that contains data that should be relocated in the template:

The way the data is merge, is with the match of the column names in the “Data” table, to the cell values of the column “Code” in the “template” table. So after the first line, the template now is as the image below:

Then a fresh new template is added at the end and the values from the next row are added according to the match, for the next itteration que template is as follows:

So far I just read the excel files on the workflow and filtered the empty columns in the “Data” table.

Any suggestion?, thanks in advance.

Hi @Sergonza117,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! Happy to hear that you switched to KNIME! Based on your description I have tried my luck with a workflow that you find attached. The only downside is that the sorting is not exactly like yours because the joiner puts the missing values last. But maybe it still helps?
The crucial part is the Unpivot node in your KNIME AP it might be the Unpivoting (deprecated) node, as we have changed that node with our 5.0 release, but you should use 4.7.x for production.
Kind regards,

Unpivoting.knwf (22.0 KB)


Hello @Sergonza117,

if you make sure you have all the codes in your Data table then it’s just a matter of unpivoting. Only Name1, Name2, Name3 and W columns will be populated as well with Value missing but think that shouldn’t present a problem. If it does it can easily be filtered in Excel or removed with KNIME prior to exporting data.


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Thanks @AlexanderFillbrunn !, seems like the Unpivot module is the key, I’m already learning how to proper use it, also since this is a personal project I’m Ok working with the KAP version that better suits.

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