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Hi all!!
I am stucked in a new workflow :slightly_frowning_face:
I have one table with information

in each column I can have different values- for example in column “Combustible” I can receive different options, like “Diesel”, “Electrico”, “Gasolina” and I need to compare these values with the ones in other file named Codelist values :

I excel I use the column match, to find values from one column in another one (I have to do the same in all the columns with codelist values)

I don’t know how to do this in KNIME. I know I need to use two variables, one for the field and other for the value, but I get lost once I end the loop.
Any advice on how to approach this?

Thank you in advance

Here an example

Compare columns test.knwf (14.0 KB)

Hello @Mariaper,

here is a small workflow I have prepared. Tell me if it works for you!
If you only need to make a check on the “Combustible” column, there’s no need to use variables.

A missing value in the last column created corresponds to an unknown value (ex. value “Dieel” is not recognised). If you need to replace the “?” use a Missing Value node.

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@Mariaper if you unpivot your dataset before the joiner (proposed by @lelloba) you can fulfil the same check for each column in the same step (joiner node).

Furthermore with the String Matcher you can find the most similar strings (for column names and it’s values) in your base table and replace the original values on the right ones from the base table.

You can find a related article here:

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Thank you all!

The first workflow doesnt work for me, as I need to review all the columns and values, and have the results in the same table
That is why I was doing lopps with variables
This is what I want in excel

I think the String Matcher node can be a better solution for me! Thank you for sharing this with me!

I will share my workflow once completed :slight_smile:


I got it! but probably it can be improved with a loop… I need to do futher investigation and tests
Please feel free to have a look to the workflow and let me know ideas to optimize it!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Compare columns test.knwf (54.8 KB)


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