Matching a few Excel-tables (with same ID) and integrate it in one big Excel-Table

I have about 10 Excel sheets which should be a big one. Every Sheet has the same X colums with same data first (Light blue), then Y colums with specific colums and data (blue, orange, green) and a ID which should be the same in every sheet.

what I want to do:

what I did:

what happens:

Would be great if someone could help me!

Based on the node description (haven’t used it myself), I would imagine that the Column Appender node would be appropriate in this situation. Also, the default behavior of the looping function is to append rows, but maybe you should instead try the Loop End (Column Append) node – this appends the columns together in a loop rather than the rows… Just a few suggestions to try for now. I’ll try to provide an example for you later today.


Hi @OliverBuck

Hi as @Snowy mentioned Loop End (Column Append) is helpful. See this workflow read_excel.knwf (41.0 KB)

I used a Rule Engine Variable node that helps to add only the green and orange columns . There is one thing I have some concerns about. Does every files has the same number of records? With the same ID’s in the same order? If not you need a different solution.
Hope this helps.

gr. Hans


at first - thank you! - works!
Now I have to understand the magic :slight_smile:

And yes - same number of records with same ID in same order. Of course it would be better if the ID would be used to map the colums, but first of all it works for me - thank you very much!


I do have a more simple Version which works for me so I want to share it:

Now I have a few other problems/challenges with the next steps - but this is not the right thread :slight_smile:

Thanks @HansS and @Snowy


Hi there @OliverBuck,

glad you made it. If you are interested into sharing you wanna check out KNIME Hub :wink:


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