Matching location data with using latitude & longitude


Thank you for reading my question.
Current I am working for crafting population data for education institution.
Recently I have got a national population data, which is published by National Statistics Service.
This data indicares national population in each mesh (250m x 250m) of entire nation, recorded each point’s latitude & longitude.

I also have schools location data in the nation.
For my reaserch, I would like to match this population data with matching with my schools/instituions location data.
Ideally, I can match the population data to my schools location list, and map which schools locate in city/suburb.
Problem is both data are too big: population by location data has 1,000,000+ rows (e.g. latitute: 50.00, longitute: 3.00, population: 40). We also have more than 10 thousands schools lists, so I have no ideas how to specify population around them quickly.

Do you have any ideas to match these big data effiticenly?
I am so glad to meet here some geographical data masters for my research, thank you!


Hi @Brian_SK,

Could you provide us with a sample data to have a better sense of the problem? Also, it makes it easier for the community to work on a solution.

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