Math formula. How to pass string value in IF statement

How to pass string value in Math Formula in IF statement?
What am i doing wrong?
if($price$ <= 2500000, “low”, “High”)

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I’d use a Rule Engine or Column Expressions node for this kind of thing, instead of a Math Formula node.



I absolutely agree with @elsamuel.

@SyedZainZaidi, please find attached the example workflow with the two solutions, what was proposed by @elsamuel.


Prices.knar.knwf (8.1 KB)


As other have pointed out you should use a Rule Engine for this but the reason why your example doesn’t work is because nodes in KNIME are usually very specific so a Math expression will only return numbers. You are returning a string from the formula and that won’t work.

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Instead of “Low”, “High”, you may just return numbers (0, 1), then convert to string (Number to string node) and replace the strings using a string replacer node.

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