Math formula ( median )

Good evening guys, how are you ?

I urgently count on your help, let’s go. I need to perform a median, considering the first column that is a combination of originxdestinationxvehicle and the value of the last column.

I need it to be median not mean.

Are you looking looking for a median for estimativa pacotes per group in accordance with the combined string?

In that case go for a groupBy node where the combined string is the grouping column and use aggregation method median for the values.

Note the parameter settings option to choose the median method.



Good night ArjenEX, how are you?

Thanks for helping me, but it doesn’t give me the median option. I would like the same table that I sent earlier to remain. and one more column with the median.

If you prefer, I’m making the base available, so you can help me.

KNIME_project6.knwf (198.1 KB)

I got it, but I needed it to come in full and it’s coming in decimal

The column type appears to be String. Convert it to a numeric column and Median should be an option.


You can use the Double to Integer node to convert it.


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