Math formula (Multi Column)

Hi there!

I have a problem using different formulas for two columns using the “Mathformula(Multi Column)-Node”.
Can anyone explain to me why I get as an output two times exactly the same column (with wrong values), instead of two columns with the correct output for each formula?
If I put only one formula in the table, the output is correct (for each formula). but when I try to put the two formulas together, it doesnt work anymore.

the math formula multi column is meant for 1 Math formula applied to multiple columns (so the same formula for each selected column adn not multiple formulas to multiple columns)


Hello @livio_erne , and welcome to the KNIME community.

As @Daniel_Weikert says, this node it isn’t the appropriated one for this task, as it aims to apply one formula to many columns.

You should use two consecutive ‘Math Formula’ node (the simple one)



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