Math Formula

Hello, I would like to ask a question about Math Formula Node.

I have the following data:

Using Math Formula
If RTD_1 > RTD_3

I want Row0~Row11 to be sorted in descending order.


Thank you always.

Hi @cart20000,

try using a sort node:

The Math node only does calculations. Though, maybe you wanted to ask something else?



hi @mwiegand

Thanks for your reply

The sorter node cannot add a conditional statement, so I think need to use the math formula or rule engine nodes…

Thank you

I think you try to do too many thinks at once. Try splitting your efforts to accomplish your needs :wink:

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I’ll think about it more as you say.

Thank you for your interest.

Have a good day.

Hi @cart20000,

as suggested by @mwiegand, split your efforts.
I would do this:

  1. test your condition and create a variable that tells you if the condition is true or false
  2. configure a IF switch node so that if the statement is true you proceed with the first output, where you will perform the sorting with the sorting node as suggested by mwiegand
  3. close the two outputs of the if switch with an end switch node

Hope it helps, if not clear I can make a small wf as an example :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,
Raffaello Barri


Hi @cart20000 , in addition to what has already been said, ideally if you could upload your sample data in a form that can be processed, it makes it easier for people to assist.

Are looking for some kind of generic solution (e.g. are you looking to compare “first 2 rows” regardless of the value of “Row ID”, and then sort all remaining columns (regardless of whether they are “Row0” to “Row11”) or are you wanting a solution that uses exactly the values of Row ID that you have specified?).

Whether it is a generic solution or a solution for the specific data that you have used in your question can make a big difference to how we might approach the solution.


I’m sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for your help, and I’ll give it a try.