Matlab Server?

I am trying to run a coleague's workflow which uses Matlab scripting nodes to run Matlab code on a remote matlab server. The server info used to be able to be specified in "Preferences>KNIME>Matlab scripting."

However, with Knime 3.2.0, the preferences pane for matlab scripting no longer has fields to input the server name and port number, instead it just allows you to specify "Number of (local) matlab application instances."

Is there a new place to specify remote matlab server information? I'm at a loss as to how to set this up.



the implementation of the Matlab server was pretty complicated and always problematic. That's why we decided to take it off.

Anyhow, if you have a local Matlab installation, you can still run the Matlab code from KNIME. There is just one thing, you should be aware: Until the next release of the Matlab scripting nodes, KNIME needs to be installed in a location without any space in its path, otherwise the Matlab nodes will fail. Beside from that, it should work.