MATLAB Snippet and Knime Server Error


I've created a workflow, that executes a matlab snippet which passes image data back to knime, which works well. Now I would like to execute the workflow on a KNIME Server which I set up. Unfortunately I' getting the following Error when I execute the workflow through the webinterface of the server:


Matlab Snippet 4:96 Execute failed: Could not bind proxy receiver to the RMI registry.


When I run the workflow directly through the KNIME Software, that is configured as Executor on the server machine, everything works fine.  Any help on this?


Best regards.


I had a look around and found this:

Is it possible that there are multiple Matlab processes running on the server? If yes, please try to kill them and then try to run the workflow again.

Hope that helps!



Thank you so much! That did trick, I've killed all MATLAB and Knime processes and restarted them and now it works! Great!