MATLAB Snippet Error

I am trying to use KNIME and MATLAB extensions currently.

I downloaded "KNIME + all free extensions for Windows (installer)", and am using MATLAB 2014b.
Then, I followed set-up steps discribed in

I created easy workflow for testing MATLAB snippet. Workflow is composed of only two nodes, one is CSV reader and the other one is MATLAB snippet. "Script in Snippet is just mOut=kIn".

I executed this simple workflow, though I got error message like this. "ERROR     Matlab Snippet                     Execute failed: java.lang.NullPointerException".

Could anyone tell me an idea to solve this error message or does anyone know any
website I could refer??

My PC's Enviroment is as follows.

MATLAB:2014b "Statistics Toolbox is installed".
KNIME:ver 2.10.3
OS:Windows 7 Professional
Java:standard edition version 7

Sincerely yours,


I'm raising this problem, because i can't find the solution either! 

i get to the website mentioned before, and i didn't get where to save the  mpicbg-matlab ? and what to do later!! 

anyone can help with that??


is there an error message in the Matlab command line? If yes could you post it?

@Shaymathe mpicbg-matlab can be saved anywhere. Since you will have to launch iit from within Matlab, just put it in the matlab home. Then launch matlab navigate to the mpicbg-matlab folder and run matlab_srv4knime.m

Please let me know if there are any further complications.



when i try to excute, i got an error

 C:\Program Files\MATLAB\mpicbg-matlab_1.1.1\bin\startserver.m
Error: Unexpected MATLAB operator.



@Felix Meyenhofer

I finally make MATLAB Snippet work.

The reason why error has been occured was kIn and mOut should have been treated as "dataset"  data type.

Although, Mathworks is announcing that "dataset" will be replaced by "table".

Do you have an Idea how kIn and mOut can be treated as "table" data type??

o.k i success to execute finally! but what's the third step mean?? are there more clear instructions?? 

.from a matlab desktop

  1. launch matlab
  2. execute *mpicbg-matlab root*/src/main/bin/startserver.m
  3. indicate the binariers folder with mpicbg-matlab*version*.jar and it dependencies in it (*mpicbg-matlab root*/bin)