Matlab snippet node problem


I'm facing problem to get the Matlab integration running.

I have KNIME_SDK_3.0.0 , a local Matlab installation (R2015b with Statistics and Mchine Learning Toolbox) and my OS is Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64bit.. 

The problem is when I create a table and try to produce it as an output of the node it gave an error. Even if the table is empty like (mOut = table).

The console in Knime shows:

Execute failed: MATLAB:InputParser:ArgumentFailedValidation, The value of 'data' is invalid. It must satisfy the function: @(x)validatedata(x). Check your MATLAB code!


Any idea to solve the problem?

Best regards,


Hi Ali

sorry for the late reply, i hope this still reaches you.

Currently the table type of matlab is not supported. We supported the earlier version, the dataset type. The alternatives are structures (but there you are a bit limited with the characters allowed as column names) and the map.

So the workaround would be to convert the variable to one of the known types.