Matplotlib graph grid is not shown in the deployed server


I made a plot by matplotlib library and I added gridlines as shown in the image.

In the interactive view, it is okay I can see it in the Image Widget.

However, when I deployed my workflow on the server, the gridlines disappear…

I don’t know how I can solve this issue, anyone who has an idea ?

The python script code for this gridline part is like this :slight_smile:


major_ticks = np.arange(0, len(index)+2, 8)
minor_ticks = np.arange(0, len(index)+2)
ax.set_xticks(minor_ticks, minor=True)
ax.grid(which=‘minor’, alpha=0.2)
ax.grid(which=‘major’, alpha=0.7)

Thank you.


Hello @PUKimSu,

do you use the Conda Environment Propagation node ( to define the version of your python libraries? The slight difference could be caused by different versions of matplotlib library between your local installation and the server.

Best regards