Matrix clustering and sorting

Dear Forum,
I would ask you to give me a piece of advice or point me in the right direction with the following issue: I have a symmetrical matrix of similarity coefficients (range 0-1; 1=most similar) from comparison of chemical structures. I wish to sort/cluster this matrix after the nest neighbor methods so similar structures will cluster together. This can be done in some external software, but I would like to do this in KNIME.
Which nodes or workflow can I use to make this sorting?
An example input would look like this:
Appreciate any input, please :slight_smile:

Hi Kolster!

That is an interesting use case. Could you maybe share more information if you have a specific algorithm in mind? In any case, you can find the clustering algorithms supported in KNIME, like DBSCAN and Hierarchical Cluster, on the node repository under Analytics > Mining > Clustering.


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