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my main goal is to create own extension that is very similar to AWS Authentication node, because I dont want to login to AWS cloud but to my S3 storage (openIO). I setup the development ide and I have no problem to create my own extension without any inheritance. The problem occurs with inheritance. I have to download two projects knime-core and knime-cloude. In the knime-sdk setup repository on github I found this part

My errors in the Eclipse are

. Any proposed solution will be helpful.

Hi @biolekm

do you have git-lfs installed? The errors look like the library files could not be located, which usually indicates that git-lfs did not download them.


Hi Gabriel, I installed git-lfs and remove the knime-cloud. I think the main problem is in pom.xml in knime-core.

This has to be solved first (in my opinion). pom.xml in kmine-cloud is related to knime-core pom.xml

The pom.xml error is
If you want to develop your own extension, then you don’t ever need to build knime-core itself with maven. Thus, you can just remove the knime-core parent project from your workspace, or remove the maven nature from that project.

The maven build of these projects depends on an internal parent pom, that we can’t share as it references non-public repositories. If you do want to build knime-core with maven you need to adapt the root pom (the one in knime-core) to be like the one in the public community project template:

Just copy that pom into your clone of knime core and adapt the modules section. That should get you started. If you got any more questions, please reach out to us.


thank you, that helped me with knime-core then I registered API Baselines and import knime-cloud which includes aws authentication (this node I want to recreate to have own url not only to aws cloud). The pom.xml in kmine-cloude has no error related with API Baselines but there is and error with pom.xml

Project build error: Non-resolvable parent POM for org.knime:knime-cloud:${revision}${changelist}: Failure to transfer org.knime.maven:ap.parent:pom:4.4.0 from ${knime.core.p2} was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of p2-knime-
core has elapsed or updates are forced. Original error: Could not transfer artifact org.knime.maven:ap.parent:pom:4.4.0 from/to p2-knime-core (${knime.core.p2}): Cannot access ${knime.core.p2} with type p2 using the available connector factories: AetherRepositoryConnectorFactory,
BasicRepositoryConnectorFactory and ‘parent.relativePath’ points at wrong local POM

Because of this error mainly aws.fiulehandling can not use any library for ex an error:

Project ‘’ is missing required library: ‘libs/protocol-core-2.15.14.jar’

Is there any recommendation how to solve it? Thank you, Martin

That is a file that should exist in the repository, if it does not then something with the checkout went wrong.

To fix the pom errors you need to either set the parent pom to the one you created, or just remove the maven nature from the projects.


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