Max value within a range of columns



I have 80 columns in data set.

Trying to find most efficient way to find Max (and then Min) value withing a range of columns.

I want max to be stored in new column.


There is lots of missing data so node would need to deal with that as well as string in little of the cases.


In excel thats just MAx of a range selected + dragged till the very end of spreadsheed something like 1 minute work.





P.S, I would rather avoid R Snippet

Hi Dominik,

the Column Aggregator is what you are looking for!

Best, Iris 

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I think it helps :)




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How about if I want to return the max value found in that column onto that cell as shown here?


So in Row5 instead of 0, I would have it return (even if it’s in another column) the maximum value found in the Max column. In this case, it would replace 0 with 10.

I know the topic is old but not sure if there’s the need to create more topics if the subject is this exactly one.


The problem with reopening old topics is also that the solutions posted here are based on a 5 years old KNIME Version. A lot of nodes did not exist back in the time.

Also your question is quite different than the one from the thread creator. You seem to want to identify a certain value with the max value. While the thread is about getting the maximum value from multiple columns.

We would appreciate it if you could open a new thread for your topic.

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