Maximum Columns in Knime

I am transposing around 9,000,000 rows to columns,

Transpose table view is taking more than normal to fully load.

(more than 30 mins still waiting)

Have canceled the action and restarted the request several times.

Please advise what I need to do view the transposed table.

Hi there,

For each column, the KNIME table view holds some metadata as well as various other per-column object instances. Furthermore, the table view can load a long table (i.e., few columns, lots of rows) only partly, whereas it can’t do the same for wide tables. This makes viewing a wide table more expensive than viewing a long table. Hence, in its current implementation, the table view is not the ideal tool to view wide tables with more than one million columns.

There is an extension called “KNIME Nodes for Wide Data”, but, unfortunately, it does not provide a viewer for wide tables. I’ll see if we can do something about the table viewer performance for wide tables. Until then, if you do have to view / browse your wide table, you’re best off doing some filtering / sampling / merging of columns prior to viewing the table.

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